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Social Distancing Temperature Check Station

New Item from 5S Supply To help keep people safe, some essential businesses have added temperature checks into their daily routine before people enter buildings, work areas, etc. As part of our floor marking Social Distancing efforts we have created another 5S Supply Exclusive – Temperature Check Station . This Social Distancing Temperature Check Station floor marking kit […]

Effective Social Distancing Floor Marking Strategies

Social Distancing Examples

How to effectively deploy physical distancing floor marking to keep everyone safe This guide provides five quick tips to successfully implement social distancing in your workplace for essential workers, customers, patients, and others. 1.      Know your audience Who are the people who would need to see these floor markings to stay safe? What messages are […]

Using Color-coding to Control Production in an Office or Factory

Examples of Color-coding for Production

To ensure your operation is not over-producing or wasting time searching for the next job, use a simple color-coding technique to eliminate this problem. Physically mark off the area where completed work goes. It can be as simple as applying 5S Floor Marking Symbol “Corners”. Basic Color-coding Although there are no specific industry color-code standards […]

Can Tool Shadows Create Order and Teamwork?

can-tool-shadows-create-order-and-teamwork - 5S SUpply Blog

Too much Time wasted searching for items Stan was the first shift supervisor and Kevin the second shift supervisor at a candy factory. Along with a myriad of other problems, they noticed that the operators spent an inordinate amount of time searching for brooms or brushes to clean the equipment that kept it from jamming […]

Save Time on Changeovers with Visual Gauge Marking

Benefits of Gauge Marking - 5S Supply Blog - Gauge Marking

Save Time on Changeovers with Visual Gauge Marking The Benefits of Gauge Marking While working on a quick changeover project documenting the current state I noticed that the operator, Guizar was using valuable time trying to get an air cylinder to raise a platform into position. Unfortunately, out of the original 90 minute changeover on the […]

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