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Tool Boards 101

5S Supply Tool Board Systems

Five Tips for Selecting the Right Tool Board You might ask yourself “What’s there to know about tool boards?” Having a tool board that is useful is key to having the right place to hang, store and protect your tools. We cover five tips for choosing the proper tool board. Before we start, determine if […]

Tool Drawer Liner Types

Tool Drawer Liner - Blog Post

Get the right tool drawer liner to organize and protect your tools I have to call-out my brother in this story. Sorry Tom. My brother was a tool & die maker for 30+ years (my father and grandfather were also tool & die makers). He retired and was moving and asked me if I wanted […]

What is Tool Drawer Foam?

What is Tool Drawer Foam- 5S Supply Blog

Organize and Protect Your Tools Tool Drawer Foam may have different names, sizes, colors, and types but its purpose is the same – to organize and protect your tools. Organizing your tools saves time and headaches. Protecting your tools keeps them working properly for years to come. A poll showed that 57 percent of the […]

Can Tool Shadows Create Order and Teamwork?

can-tool-shadows-create-order-and-teamwork - 5S SUpply Blog

Too much Time wasted searching for items Stan was the first shift supervisor and Kevin the second shift supervisor at a candy factory. Along with a myriad of other problems, they noticed that the operators spent an inordinate amount of time searching for brooms or brushes to clean the equipment that kept it from jamming […]

The Worst Thing You Can do to Your Tools

The Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Tools

What’s the worst thing you can do to your tools? Not treat them right! Your tools are what help you accomplish your tasks, they make you productive, and they can even make you a hero. Have you ever seen a tool drawer that looks like this? Probably, yes – unfortunately, it is all too common. […]

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