What is Tool Drawer Foam?

What is Tool Drawer Foam- 5S Supply Blog

Organize and Protect Your Tools

Tool Drawer Foam may have different names, sizes, colors, and types but its purpose is the same – to organize and protect your tools. Organizing your tools saves time and headaches. Protecting your tools keeps them working properly for years to come.

Tool-OrganizationA poll showed that 57 percent of the respondents said that more than 15 minutes were wasted each day searching for tools. That’s a shame. When you can’t find the right tool it becomes frustrating, annoying. Worse then that, you may end up using the wrong tool. You (or your company) paid to have the right tool, how come we can’t find it quickly and easily?

The difference between Tool Drawer Foam and the standard tool drawer liner is significant. Tool drawer liners are great to protect the bottom of the drawer, but that’s about it. Tool Drawer Foam Liners do much more than that.The help you keep your tools orgaized and protected.

HIstory of Tool Drawer Foam

Many credit the military and aerospace for coming up with the idea of using Tool Drawer Foam to line and organize tool chests. The one thing you do not want to have is a wrench rattling around in a jet engine after maintenance. The tool drawer foam was a way to ensure that every mechanic had the right tools. They could also see in an instant if anything was missing. This also saved time versus searching for the right tool.

Tool Drawer Foam Kits

5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Organizers - Blue-Yellow - ToolThe best Foam Tool Drawer Liners come in sheets (find the one that fits closest to your drawer size), have a two-sided adhesive on one sheet (typically ½” thick, with a second contrasting color piece of foam usually ¼” thick). On the ½” piece of foam layout your tools, trace the shapes and then cut away the Tool Drawer Foam. Peel away the adhesive liner and stick to the other piece of foam (don’t worry, we’ll have more advice on cutting foam and organizing your tools in an upcoming post).

Tool Drawer Foam is an investment that will pay you back over and over. No more wasting time searching for tools.  Show everyone that you are a professional when it comes to taking care of your tools – because your tools take care of you.

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