The Worst Thing You Can do to Your Tools

The Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Tools

What’s the worst thing you can do to your tools?

Not treat them right!

The Worst Thing You Can Do To Your ToolsYour tools are what help you accomplish your tasks, they make you productive, and they can even make you a hero.

Tool Drawer - Before
The worst thing you can do to your tools!

Have you ever seen a tool drawer that looks like this? Probably, yes – unfortunately, it is all too common. Does the owner of this tool drawer give you the confidence that they could do quality work, on time, and with reasonable costs? Probably not.

When tools are treated like this they could get damaged or lost, and time is wasted searching for them. Not good. Our poll showed that greater than 50% of respondents reported wasting more than 15 minutes a day searching for tools. That time adds up. That’s like a week’s worth of time each year just looking for the right tool. What a waste!

What can you do about this? With a little time and a little effort you can treat your tools right – have them organized and protected with tool drawer foam.

Tool Drawer - After with 5S Foam PRO
Tool Drawer with 5S Foam PRO

Our 5S Foam PRO is a professional grade tool drawer foam organizer. Most tools drawer foam is the cheap 2-lb foam polyethylene. Ours 5S Foam PRO is a heavy-duty, 4-lb, cross-linked polyethylene. Using cross-linked PE and the heavier weight ensures that our foam will last longer, which makes it a much better value.

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