Tool Tracer Tool Shadows Shipping-Packing Station Set


Use Tool Tracer™ Tool Shadows Shipping-Packing Station 5-piece Set to help stay organized and Sustain your 5S Shine!

Use these convenient Tool Tracer™ Shipping and Packing Station shadows to visually mark where your Tape Roller, extra roll of Tape, Scissors, Box Cutter and Tape Measure go.

Having your packing supplies conveniently located makes it simpler for everyone to perform their job and helps with housekeeping and is part of a solid 5S System. These shadows also make it easy to see when the items are not in their proper place.11 colors to choose from. Mark the handles with the exclusive Tool-ID Band™ to match the tool shadow and location to stay organized and instantly know if something is missing or out of place.


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