Stainless Steel Tool Pegboard and Accessories


Stainless Steel Tool Pegboard and Accessories

Do you need a tool board that is food grade or just really looks cool? Than try our Stainless Steel Tool Pegboard and Accessories.

These stainless steel tool shadow boards not only look great, but they can handle harsh conditions like kitchens, hospitals, and marine applications.

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Stainless Steel Tool Pegboard and Accessories

If you need a tool board that can handle special applications like food grade or kitchens, hospital or healthcare, marine or other harsh conditions, than Stainless Steel LocBoard is the answer. Check out our Stainless Steel Tool Pegboard and Accessories solutions!

Stainless Steel LocBoard Pegboard

These boards can handle the weight because they are formed using a boxed frame construction with internal ribbed support members. They can hold up to 250 lbs. per board – now that’s a lot of tools! Because of its superior design, there is no need to frame the Stainless Steel LocBoards – you can mount then directly to your wall, bench, cage, or tool cart. With this special design, the mounting hardware is hidden from sight leaving a clean, professional appearance. A quick note – because of the box construction, custom sizes are not available.

Stainless Steel LocBoard and Stainless Steel LocHooks offer a storage system that will never crack, break, or wear out over time, so that all your tools will stay securely mounted with no point of failure or fatigue.

  • Sturdy box-frame construction – eliminates the need for spacers between board and wall
  • Commercial construction – allows for years of heavy duty use, while maintaining a shiny, polished surface
  • Use with LocHook Stainless Steel pegboard hooks
  • Accommodate loose parts by adding LocBins
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lifetime warranty

Stainless Steel LocHooks

Add hooks, bins, and shelves to your Stainless Steel LocBoard. The Stainless Steel LocHooks are specially designed for the squared-hole construction of the Stainless Steel LocBoard. The Stainless Steel LocHooks are anchored to the board until you are ready to remove them.

The Stainless Steel LocHooks install from the front, so no need to remove the board to put them on or to reposition them. There are different styles of hooks and accessories; you’ll surely find something that can hold your items. The Stainless Steel LocHooks are compatible with Stainless Steel LocBoard or any other brand of Steel Tool Pegboards with square holes spaced 1-1/2-inch on-center (O.C.). Use the LocBoard BinClips to add hanging bins into any steel board application for loose parts storage or other important items.  Stainless Steel insures a long lifetime use.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

From the Stainless Steel Industry of North America

The many unique values provided by stainless steel make it a powerful candidate in materials selection. Engineers, specifiers, and designers often underestimate or overlook these values because of what is viewed as the higher initial cost of stainless steel. However, over the total life of a project, stainless steel is often the best value option.

Corrosion resistance
Lower alloyed grades resist corrosion in atmospheric and pure water environments, while high-alloyed grades can resist corrosion in most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine bearing environments, properties which are utilized in process plants.

Fire and heat resistance
Special high chromium and nickel-alloyed grades resist scaling and retain strength at high temperatures.

The easy cleaning ability of stainless steel makes it the first choice for strict hygiene conditions, such as hospitals, kitchens, abattoirs, and other food processing plants.

Aesthetic appearance
The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a modern and attractive appearance.

Strength-to-weight advantage
The work-hardening property of austenitic grades, that results in a significant strengthening of the material from cold-working alone, and the high strength duplex grades, allow reduced material thickness over conventional grades, therefore cost savings.

Ease of fabrication
Modern steel-making techniques mean that stainless steel can be cut, welded, formed, machined, and fabricated as readily as traditional steels.

Impact resistance
The austenitic microstructure of the 300 series provides high toughness, from elevated temperatures to far below freezing, making these steels particularly suited to cryogenic applications.

Long term value
When the total life cycle costs are considered, stainless steel is often the least expensive material option.

Stainless steel is one of the most sustainable material choices available to decision makers. See the Sustainability Section for more information.


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