Sliding Cover Holder


Sliding Cover Holders make it easy to see the status as a Kanban or Andon!

A simple way to signal that you need more parts or that you are running low. Sliding white plastic piece covers one half and reveals the opposite half (right and left sides). Ideal for signaling accept/reject, pass/fail, in-stock/re-order, and many more…

  • Quantity: 10 per pack
  • Styles: Standard or Signal (includes red/green background labels)
  • Backing Styles: Adhesive or Magnetic

Please note: minimum order for all Labels & Holders is $50

  • Nodules at each end of holder act as end-stops for the sliding cover
  • Use background labels to indicate: red and green, specific printed information, or other indicators
  • May also be used as a single card holder with end-stops to hold it in
Sliding Cover Signal
  • Includes fluorescent red (an orangish-red) and fluorescent green (a lighter green)
  • background labels with each color covering half of the holder width and a white plastic sliding cover to reveal or block a color
  • Ideal for signaling accept/reject, pass/fail, in-stock/re-order, or other status
Standard Card Holder
  • Single card holder, does not include a background label or sliding cover
  • Insert a card that will be held in place by the notches at each end
  • May also be placed vertically with card held secure
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Label Size

2 1/8" H x 6 5/8" L, 3 1/8" H x 6 5/8" L

Holding Type

Adhesive, Magnetic


Signal, Plain


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