Maintenance Repair Tags


Maintenance Repair Tags

Do you want to improve the uptime of your equipment? Then use these Maintenance Repair Tags to quickly and visually identify machine problems so they can be repaired and back up and running.

Use these sequentially numbered, two-part Maintenance Repair Tags to identify equipment, machines or items that need attention or repair. Pre-wired. 100 to a pack.


Maintenance Repair Tags

A key element of any effective Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) or Reliability Centered Maintenance system is equipment uptime. These bright yellow Maintenance Repair Tags make it easy for operators, maintenance personnel and management to visually see what needs attention on any piece of equipment.

The two-part Maintenance Repair Tags are easy to use – fill out both the top and bottom portions, attach the top part of the repair tag at or near the repair area, and remove the bottom part to notify maintenance personnel. The Maintenance Tags are sequentially numbered to match the two segments. Keep these TPM repair tags handy so that operators can identify and mark a problem quickly.


  • Easily track repairs
  • Each tag is pre-wired for your convenience
  • Two-part tear-away tag – one to stay with item, the other part to go to the appropriate person or department
  • Consecutive numbers on both part of the tag (starting number may vary)
  • Whole Tag Size: 6-1/4″ H x 3-1/8″ L
  • Tear Off Size: 2″ H x 3-1/8″ L
  • Maintenance Repair Tags are sold in quantities of 100.

Combine these with our Maintenance Tracking Stations

Weight 14.4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in


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