How to Get Management’s Support for 5S

The Very Best of 5S Report

An excerpt from our 5S Benchmarking Report “The Very Best of 5S”

The respondents of our 5S survey were very generous with their suggestions on how to get managements support. Here is a sampling of the ideas:

  • Get them to do audits
  • TRY to get them to come to lean presentation and/or opening closing sessions for Kaizen events
  • They have been told to participate as part of their work goals
  • Demonstrate the non-value time reduced by searching for items. The positive gains for staff and the patients [customers].
  • Show results and find savings
  • Steering Committee Meetings, strategic project directly tied to profit
  • Presentation of the program, benefits and savings, customer appeal and smoother operation of company and reduction of concerns.
  • It all needs to come down to money saved or made.
  • Showing results of other areas.
  • Encourage them to be actively engaged in the process & process audits; along with quick hit results via before and after conditions
  • Adding it to their performance and tying it to their bonus.
  • Conduct a 6S event so they can observe the results
  • Find out what works and then have to share and promote those improvements
  • Continuous improvement leads to better results and positive results always draw attention
  • Quick Kaizen style power points demonstrating the power of simple fixes and how it impacts KPI’s and employee morale.
  • I promote Go and See and before and after photos. Once they see what we have accomplished they have a better understanding. I have led some very successful kaizen teams in the year I have been here which is has built their trust in the program.
  • 5S Report outs at Monthly Management Meeting updates. Report outs to the Board of Directors. Sharing results.
  • Pictured results are worth a thousand words…
  • Via teaching
  • Communicate our success with other internal locations. Leadership can use this as bragging rights and motivation for other sites to step-up.
  • Linking the 5S initiatives to the productivity of the area and showing financial benefits.
  • Communication and tie in to vision—and tell a real story/experience
  • Cost benefit/savings/bonus.
  • Sell the positive gains.
  • Keep suggesting ideas and find someone in the upper levels who can carry your messages forward.
  • Data, we are a data driven company; audit results from our external auditor are reviewed by the entire plant.
  • In our organization it actually took restructuring of lower level managers to increase the support for 5S. However that shows the executive level cared and wanted a change to take place. Now we have full support and mandates that help us when we deal directly with the shop floor.
  • Take executive management on tour of the facility, have the staff tell them about what they have accomplished.
  • Quantify improvements. We measured cycle time to complete a process in the area before and after 6S. This helped gain their approval for the efforts required to 6S the shop as well as their support in the program itself.
  • The best way to obtain management’s support is to show them the benefit of a good 5S program and how it will affect the bottom line of the company – Money. Proper 5S will eliminate searching, choosing, walking, sitting, turning, laying down, and climbing. Also when customers come to visit they will be more impressed with a company utilizing proper 5S instead of items sitting all around.

To overcome or reduce initial resistance from management, we suggest working closely with the front-line supervisors. Determine what problems 5S would solve for them and help them get the results or solutions they are looking for related to 5S.

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