January is National Get Organized Month 2017

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National Get Organized Month 2017 – Let’s GO!

Back in 2005 the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) declared January as National Get Organized Month – now, affectionally called GO Month. So let’s celebrate Get Organized Month 2017 and GO!

5S Supply wants to help you kick off the new year right so here are 31 tips to get your workplace organized in January (one for each day). Let’s follow the 5S System – Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain to make it happen.

Sort “When in doubt, move it out”

  1. Sort through a junk drawer, pull out what is not needed
  2. 5S Red Tag an Area with your Team
  3. Put up 5S Red Tag Holders so everyone has access to 5S Red Tags
  4. Make sure your 5S Red Tag Holding Area is ready for more stuff
  5. Train someone else on how to 5S Red Tag
  6. Sort through a folder on your computer and clear out old, obsolete files that are not needed anymore

Bonus: take our quick Poll on 5S Sort

Set-in-Order “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”

  1. Find a home for an ‘orphan’ item
  2. Label items on a shelf
  3. Decide how many items are needed for your office supplies
  4. Color-code a work area (try our Tool Tracer Tool Shadows)
  5. Organize a file folder on your computer
  6. Mark where items go on the floor (try our 5S Floor Marking Symbols)

Shine “Clean and Inspect”

  1. Play the ‘what color is it’ game by cleaning something really dirty back to its like-new condition
  2. Check your Shine supplies, do you have what you need?
  3. See how long it takes to perform a Shine task (use this in the fourth “S” Standard)
  4. Take 15 minutes to “spruce-up” an area
  5. Verify your “Clean & Inspect” form. Does it help with your Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) System?
  6. Find one item on a piece of equipment that might need repair and notify your supervisor

Standardize “Make up the rules, follow and enforce them”

  1. Create a visual standard for Sort
  2. Create a visual standard for Set-in-Order
  3. Create a visual standard for Shine (Clean & Inspect)
  4. Create or verify your organization’s color coding system
  5. Determine how and how often you will perform 5S audits
  6. Teach someone else how to create a 5S Standard

Sustain “Keep it going”

  1. Find someone or a group to reward and recognize for their great 5S efforts, get them a 5S t-shirt
  2. Watch a video or DVD on 5S to learn more
  3. Review your 5S audits and see if there is improvement
  4. Find a “Best Practice” on 5S (like our 5S Benchmarking Survey)
  5. Read a blog on 5S (we recommend our 5S Supply Blog)
  6. Reflect on what you learned through deploying and living 5S


  1. Celebrate! You deserve it. And our way to help your celebration is to give you 20% off your next order with 5S Supply, just use coupon code GO2017 when checking out (valid through February 28, 2017).

Promoting things like National Get Organized Month 2017 is a great way to draw attention to your 5S and Lean activities. Have fun with it and get people involved.

3 thoughts on “January is National Get Organized Month 2017

  1. Bruce Herbert says:

    I like that you’re pushing 5S but why only focus on the Physical workplace? Should also apply to virtual work such as eliminating unimportant targets and measures, cutting bureaucracy and meetings, focus on a few important things. Etc.

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