How to Use the Equipment Inspection Checklist

Equipment Inspection Checklist - Tag- 5S Supply

How to Use the Equipment Inspection Checklist from 5S Supply

This equipment inspection checklist will help you maintain your equipment in tip-top shape. Whether it is part of your Total Productive Maintenance System (TPM), safety inspections, 5S Audits, or productivity improvements – this checklist is for you.

How to Complete the Equipment Inspection Checklist

Basic instructions are listed in the upper left corner to remind you how to complete the form. Let’s go into more detail here.

  1. Equipment Inspection Worksheet Header Information- 5S SupplyStart with the header information in the upper right including: the piece of equipment or machinery that you are studying, your name as the inspector, and the date.
  2. Equipment Inspection Worksheet Applicable Inspection Points - 5S SupplyMark the applicable Inspection Points for the checklist. Not everything listed here applies to your particular piece of equipment or machine. For example, if there are no hydraulics on the machine, leave the box unchecked.
  3. Rate each of the four categories on a scale of 1 (low/bad) to 5 (high/good)
    1. Overall Cleanliness & 5S: is there dirt, grime, or dust all over the machine or is it clean?
    2. Correct Operation: has it been operating at peak efficiency or have there been some things that keep it from running the way it should?
    3. Visual / Labeled: Are the components, lines, gauges, and safety points, labeled and color-coded?
    4. PMs/AMs complete & up to date: do you have Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Autonomous Maintenance (AM) procedures or processes up to date and are they being followed?
    5. Total the score for the Inspection Point. You can use this to compare the rating over time – are we getting better or worse?
  4. Make any notes in the last column including items like: maintenance repair tag numbers for items that need more attention, reasons why you scored it the way you did, opportunities for improvement, and so on. Make sure that whatever you write will make sense to someone else reviewing the form.Equipment Inspection Worksheet Scoring - 5S Supply
  5. Use the bottom portion of the sheet or the back for additional notes or comments; things that didn’t fit in the rows above.

Paper Copy or Digital of the Equipment Inspection Checklist?

This equipment inspection checklist works fine as a hardcopy. Just grab a clipboard, pen and you’ll be off and running.
If you have a tablet, this is where the workbook really shines. You can click or touch on the “Applicable” boxes to show which “Inspection Points” are to be studied. Just type your responses straight into the cells. The scoring will automatically color-code and add up the total. With your tablet, you can take photos of trouble areas and add them into the “Photos” tab.

One of the things you can do is copy the page onto a new tab for each piece of equipment you will inspect and keep them all in one Excel workbook. Another option is to create an Excel workbook for each piece of equipment. Another thing you can try is creating a tab that tracks the scores. This way you can show improvement or find trouble areas that need extra attention.

Customize your Equipment Inspection Checklist

Consider this Checklist a jumping off point. Feel free to modify it to fit your needs. Don’t like the “Inspection Points”? Change or modify them. This is your Checklist now, make it fit your needs.

Please Note: There is a formula in the “Total” column that leaves the cell blank if there are no scores. If there are any scores in that row, it will sum them up automatically for you. This cell is not locked down incase you wanted to change it. If you want to change the color-coding, use the Conditional Formatting function.

Give this Equipment Inspection Checklist a try and see if you can come up with ways to improve it. Let us know how this checklist works for you.

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