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Plastic Tool Pegboard and Accessories

Commercial grade heavy duty DuraBoard Plastic Tool Pegboard and Accessories have superior holding strength. It is ideal for use in a clean room, factory floor production area, maintenance and repair area as well as sheds and garages. Got a cluttered home or garage? Use DuraBoard and take advantage of your unused wall space by going vertical! You can store more than you ever imagined and have more room for your life!

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DuraBoard Plastic Tool Pegboard

This Tool Shadow Board is a heavy duty white polypropylene pegboard which has three times greater holding power over traditional pegboard.  It's durable, weather resistant, washable and 1/4" thick.  No cracking or breaking under normal use. The board surface is ideal for creating silhouettes of tools to be stored and managed.   It's ideal for DuraHook pegboard hook and standard pegboard hooks.  Sheets are 24" by 48".


With hooks that screw in and hold tight - these hooks do not come off with the tool when you take it off the board like other pegboards. The white plastic is easy to clean and keep looking great. Fully customizeable for the layout of your tools.

More about DuraBoard Plastic Tool Pegboard and Accessories:
  • Constructed of 1/4 in. thick white polypropylene
  • Has four times greater holding power over traditional wood pegboard
  • Withstands harsh temperatures and environments and is washable
  • Board surface is ideal for creating silhouettes of tools to be stored and managed allowing for easy tool identification
  • Accommodates entire line of 70000 series DuraHook locking pegboard hooks and 1/4 in. standard pegboard hooks
  • DuraHook 70015 Spacer Kit eliminates the need for wood framing
  • Custom sizes available upon request
The most challenging tool storage requirements for power, large and odd shaped tools are easily met using the DuraBoard pegboard system.
  • Each DuraBoard has 9/32 In. hole size and 1 in. on-center (O.C.) hole spacing
  • Secure tools with double locking DuraHook 70000 series pegboard hooks
  • Mount with 70015 Spacer Kit
  • Accommodate loose parts by adding BinKits to the DuraBoard pegboard
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