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Kennedy VTC Series Tool Boards, Hooks, and Accessories

Visual Tool Control

OrKennedy Steel Tool Board with Hooksganize your workshop, garage, and more with these outstanding Kennedy Tool Boards, Hooks, and Accessories to complete you visual Tool Board System! With several style hooks and accessories to choose from you are sure to come up with a solution that works for you.

Tool Boards 101

Not sure where to get started? Try the 4-panel set that includes a 60-piece assortment of hooks and accessories. Want to learn a little more about getting the right tool board system? Read our post on Tool Boards 101. And don’t forget to add in our exclusive Tool Tracer Tool Shadows to complete your tool board system like a pro. Learn more about tool shadows with>> Can Tool Shadows Create Order and Teamwork?

Kennedy Tool Boards, Hooks, and Accessories

The panels are made of 18-gauge reinforced steel box type construction, 36-inch x 18-inch x 1/2-inch available in Brown Wrinkle, Industrial Blue, or Industrial Utility Grey. The steel board will last much longer than a wood board and can hold more weight. 24 Hooks and Accessories available in the most common styles and sizes. The square hole securely fastens the hooks and accessories to the board, no issues with the hooks coming off when you grab a tool – like other standard round hole boards. Just slide the hook or accessory on the tool board and turn the locking mechanism 1/4 turn to lock – no tools required (no pun intended!).

Locking Hooks (L: front view, R: rear view)

Slide the hook or accessory in place, rotate the lock 1/4-turn and you are good to go! Hook stays put.

Tool Boards Save Time and are a Great Investment for your Tools

Do tool boards save time? You bet! A poll showed that 57% of the respondents say that they lose 15 minutes or more a day searching for the right tool. What a waste of time! With this tool board system, you are sure to find what you need to get organized. No more wasted time trying to find the right tool! Read more at>> Tool Boards 101.

Let’s get organized!

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