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Tool Board and Tool Board Systems

At 5S Supply we combined the uncompromising and durable Wall Control Tool Board with Tool Tracer Tool Shadows to give you complete tool board systems.

Have you ever wasted time searching for the right tool or get frustrated because you did not have the tool you need at hand? Never more! Have the right tool where you need it and know at a glance if anything is missing. Our tool board design gives you all the power you need to keep your items organized like a pro!

Metal Peg Boards

The Wall Control tool boards are made with an extremely sturdy 20-gauge steel box construction. The panels are 32” H x 16” W and come in multiple colors. The powered coated, baked-on finish is rust resistant and will last for years. The boards are easy to install so your up and organized in minutes.

Hooks and Accessories

You can use any standard ¼” hooks, but we recommend using the patented Wall Control Hooks and Accessories. The adjustable tabs lock the hooks into place on the pegboard. These “stay-put” hooks won’t come out of the board like standard hooks could. The slotted pegboards and hooks are an exclusive feature of Wall Control Tool Boards.

Tool Shadows

We matched our Tool Tracer Tool Shadows to the accessories for you – nothing to figure out, the kit comes complete. These pre-cut tool shadows are a perfect partner for your steel pegboard. The tool shadows come in many colors and have Tool Tracer’s exclusive ID-Band. This feature allows the tool ID-Band to match the shadow so you will always know which tool goes on which board.

Both Wall Control and Tool Tracer are proudly Made in the USA.

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