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At 5S Supply we strive to bring you the best, most relevant and useful content regarding lean training, education and knowledge.

Even though Lean has been around for decades there is always something new to learn that builds on the fundamentals. We recommend to find the style of learning that suits you best: videos, workshops, webinars, books, hands-on training, conferences, lectures, one-on-one, and other methods.

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Lean Onsite Training

5S Supply can provide expert-led on-site training. Our Co-founder, Anthony Manos started 5S Supply to help his clients and students find the items needed to make their work easier, better and safer. We continue coach organizations on in all aspects of their lean journey.

Lean Event Facilitation

Need help running a successful Lean kaizen event? We’re here for you. Our Lean experts will lead your team through an action packed three to five day kaizen event. Our highly trained facilitators will start your team with training, move to the current state, brainstorm ideas for the future state and the implement the ideas. In order to ensure that you team gains useful insights and fantastic results we perform the event in a “Learn-do” mode where we teach a section and then go out and apply the concepts.

For more information>> trainer@5Ssupply.com

Lean Champion Training

We can train your internal candidates to be expert Lean Champions in any Lean Subject. As Lean Champions, they will be fully competent to facilitate kaizen events throughout your facility and to sustain your Lean efforts for years to come. We firmly believe in the “Learn-do” method of training for adults. This typically involves pre-work with your Design Team, three “Learn-do” events with your Champions-in-training, a Train-the-trainer session and a graduation event where your Lean Champions facilitate the event with our support.

For more information>> trainer@5Ssupply.com

Lean Templates and Systems2win

Check out our friends at Systems2win for all your Lean template needs. With over 150 Excel templates offered in several different languages, this is one of the best practices you could adopt for your Lean efforts. Standardize the forms you are using across the entire organization. For more information>> Welcome to Systems2win

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