Use Floor Tape and Floor Marking to Make Your Work Areas Safer and More Efficient!

Do you want to reduce your stress and get things organized in your work area, factory or warehouse? Are you fustrated when things aren’t in a convenient location or it takes extra time to find the right thing? Let us help with Floor Tape and Floor Marking.

Using simple visual indicators such as signs, lines, labels and color-coding can greatly enhance your productivity and safety. Here are some tips:

  • Use yellow floor tape to mark aisleways for walking areas versus forklift traffic
  • Use red floor tape to mark caution areas or danger areas like around electrical panels or equipment, it is also usedto mark fire extinguisher locations
  • Green floor tape can be used for recycling or eye wash stations
  • Blue is perfect to mark off areas to indicate the “next job”, this is a convenient visual kanban
  • White is nice to mark off equipment or other areas not previously mentioned


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