5S Supply: Your Guide to Lean & Workplace Optimization

Welcome to 5S Supply! We want to help you on your journey towards continuous organizational improvement. We’ve been there in the trenches with you; we know what it is like when things are great and when they are a struggle. Let us help, coach, guide, and mentor you to a better state.

We are so glad you chose to visit us today.  We are proud to be a Veteran owned, small business with real-world lean expertise. Customer service and innovation form the foundation of 5S Supply.

5S Supply Team - with Maggie and Buster
5S Supply’s founders Tony Manos and Jennifer Molski with their rescued friends Maggie and Buster.

We have provided customers with tools to make their work easier, better and safer since 2005.  We carry the very best products and services in three key areas of improvement:

  • Tool Organization
  • Visual Workplace Optimization
  • Lean Education & Training

Quite simply, we help you organize your organization!

We are the proud inventors of Gauge Range, Tool Tracer, 5S Sticky Tags and 5S Red Tag Boards & Stations and more. We have been in your shoes; that’s why we try to create or offer products we know will help you solve problems.

Your time and money are valuable, so we do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We only offer high value products, so you can rest easy knowing you are not wasting your time on low quality products.

One of our favorite lean quotes is:

“Four purposes of improvement: easier, better, faster, and cheaper. These four goals appear in the order of priority.” – Shigeo Shingo We adopted and adapted it to our core belief for you our customer – “Visual solutions that make your work easier, better and safer.”


We know we wouldn’t exist without you, our customers, so we appreciate the confidence you put in our products and services. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you again soon!

All the best! – Tony & Jennifer