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5S in HMedical Center
5S T-shirt
5S Logo T-shirt

5S in x-ray suites makes work a little sweeter.

I was at a medical center recently and had to get an x-ray. I just happened to be showing my 5S-pride by wearing the classic 5S logo t-shirt. To my surprise, the x-ray tech noticed my shirt and said, “We do 5S here.” She then went on to explain how the x-ray suite at this location setup is exactly as an x-ray suite at their other locations.

I asked her how she liked 5S. She said that she really liked it because if she has to work at the other locations, the rooms are setup precisely the same; which makes her job much easier. I did notice that that there were no erroneous items around (good example of “Sort”) and nothing seemed to be out of place (“Set-in-Order”). She humbly showed me their labeling and organization. I had to ask – how do others like 5S? She said they love it, for the same reasons. Everything is setup the same way and it is easy to get what they need.

Before I left, a nurse came up to me and asked, “So you’re the guy with the 5S shirt?” Yes. She also shared, “We also do kaizen events around here.” I asked her “what was that like?” She proceeded to tell me how she enjoyed them because they were making improvements and that their team was part of the process.

So, people really like 5S and kaizen. Always great to hear!

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