5S and Lean Certification at FABTECH Expo 2016

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Tony Manos, Ila Lee, and Chad Vincent at FABTECH 2016

It was an honor and privilege to present on 5S and Lean Certification at FABTECH Expo 2016 November 18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I would like to thank our host and conference Technical Program Manager, Ila Lee from SME and my co-presenter on Lean Certification, Chad Vincent. The Lean track was the most popular and most successful at the expo. If you go to FABTECH I highly recommend attending one or more of the sessions.

5S Workplace Organization and Standardization

The session on 5S was a treat to present and The 5S Numbers Game was a blast to play to help drive home the finer points of 5S. If you are interested in The 5S Numbers Training Game feel free to drop me a line or go to our Slideshare.net/5Ssuppply site and see the Training Game Exchange that has more free lean learning simulations. We went through the 5S’s and how to lead a 5S Kaizen Event. There was also a section on why office 5S is different than performing 5S on the shop floor. It was great to hear from the audience of what works and what didn’t work for them while trying to setup their 5S system.

Lean Certification

In the session on Lean Certification we were lucky (it was Las Vegas after all!) to have Jeanine Kunz, vice president of Tooling U-SME and vice president, director of training and development at SME kick-off the session on workforce development. Based on a study by Deloitte, the top indicator of a country’s competitiveness: access to talented workers. This led to a section on Lean vs. Six Sigma by Chad Vincent. Chad highlighted the similarities and difference of Lean and Six Sigma including a comprehensive Venn diagram that highlighted the overlap between the two methodologies.

From here, I presented information related to the “gold-standard” Lean certification through ASQ, AME, Shingo Institute and SME. It was exciting to see how many people in the audience were interested in achieving lean certification. To learn more about the certification, click here>> Lean Certification.

Tony & Gary
Tonyh Manos and Gary Conner at FABTECH 2016

As part of this presentation, two case studies were presented. The first was by one of the best lean implementers, Gary Conner. To me, Gary’s book “Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop” was ahead of its time when it was first published in 2001. After Gary, another lean guru Jeff Sipes and his colleague Richard Steel presented their case study on their lean journey.


Overall, I was very pleased with the sessions. If you are interested in great lean sessions like these and others, come to FABTECH 2017 on Chicago, IL. It will be great to see you there!

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