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Social Distancing - Coronavirus Floor Signs

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Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: The three functions of a people-centered leader

Free Webinar – October 22, 2020

In this webinar, Katie Anderson will present on becoming a more intentional people-centered leader. Katie will share insights and practices about leadership and learning – and challenge you to set your intention for your personal improvement. Katie will provide you with examples from new bestselling book “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn” – the result of years of conversations between her and Isao Yoshino, a 40-year Toyota leader and John Shook’s first manager at Toyota – and both of their practices as leaders, coaches, and learners.

In this session you will:
• Understand the three key functions of a leader in developing an intentional people-centered learning culture
• Reflect on your purpose as a leader and how that relates to leading with intention
• Learn several practices to help create a people-centered culture
• Set your own intention for how you will improve as a leader of coaching in creating a people-centered culture in your organization