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Social Distancing

Social Distancing - Coronavirus Floor Signs

Mr Chain Standard Duty Stanchion Kit

Social Distancing

Social Distancing - Coronavirus Floor Signs

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer


Kennedy Steel Tool Board with Hooks and Tools

Kennedy VTC Series Tool Boards, Hooks, and Accessories

Visual Tool Control

Organize your workshop, garage, and more with these outstanding Kennedy Tool Boards, Hooks, and Accessories to complete you visual Tool Board System! With several style hooks and accessories to choose from you are sure to come up with a solution that works for you.

Tool Boards 101

Not sure where to get started? Try the 4-panel set that includes a 60-piece assortment of hooks and accessories. Want to learn a little more about getting the right tool board system? Read our post on Tool Boards 101. And don’t forget to add in our exclusive Tool Tracer Tool Shadows to complete your tool board system like a pro. Learn more about tool shadows with>> Can Tool Shadows Create Order and Teamwork?

Free Webinar August 7 2020

Clean Practice for Reducing COVID-19 Transmission Vectors

Free Webinar – August 7, 2020

This webinar walks participants through the basics of implementing Clean Practice™, which uses Lean techniques but instead of addressing inefficiencies, it teaches a participatory system for identifying and reducing COVID-19 transmission vectors. Successful implementations result in significant improvements to team member safety and morale. You will learn the fundamental concepts and tools used in Clean Practice, including plan creation using the free templates, visual communication systems, space evaluation and modification, and continuous improvement methods like gemba walks, kaizen and PDCA.

Free Webinar

How to Deal With Lean During Uncertain Times

Free Webinar – August 17, 2020

Many people’s understanding of “lean” has been limited to its use in optimizing the efficiency of existing manufacturing processes. With this narrow definition, it is hard to see how lean is relevant when so many lives have been completely upended by the global pandemic. It is important to note that lean was born in a time of instability, confusion, and scarcity, and that across decades lean has provided direction, a framework for action, and inspiration through periods of disaster and great disruption. In this free webinar, we will explore the origins of lean and how it can help people learn in new situations, be more resilient, adaptive, and grow problem-solving capacity – How to Deal With Lean During Uncertain Times.