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Get the right tool drawer liner to organize and protect your tools

I have to call-out my brother in this story. Sorry Tom. My brother was a tool & die maker for 30+ years (my father and grandfather were also tool & die makers). He retired and was moving and asked me if I wanted his old tool chest; of course I said yes. We emptied out most of the tools and some of them he gave to me. When I got the tool chest back to our warehouse I had to laugh when I saw the different tool drawer liner he had used for each drawer.

Standard Tool Drawer Mat
Standard Mat

Standard Tool Drawer Mat

The first tool drawer liner was the standard mat that you get as an accessory with most tool chests. This protects the bottom of the drawer, but not much else. I also noticed dirt and chips stuck in it. I bet it looked good when it was new.

Tool Drawer Mat - Cork
Cork Liner

Cork Liner

The next drawer had a well-worn cork mat in it. As you can see from the picture, it has seen better days. The cork can protect the drawer, but you will also notice that it soaks up any liquids like oil. It also doesn’t stand up to normal wear and tear.

Tool Drawer Mat - Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated Cardboard Insert

Cardboard Insert

The next drawer you could tell was a quick fix – a piece of corrugated cardboard. Once again, it may help your drawer from getting banged up but like the cork it absorbs liquids and honestly doesn’t look very good. If you are a professional tradesman or a weekend warrior, you deserve something better.


Tool Drawer Liner - Felt
Felt Liner

Felt Liner

Wait, we’re not done. The last drawer had a solution that was probably the one that would appear to be good. Appearances can be deceiving. This time he got fancy and put green felt (from a pool table?) in the bottom of the drawer. The green color is eye-catching, but that’s about it. As you can see from the picture, it doesn’t stay in position very well and once again, absorbs liquids.

What do all these attempts at having tool drawer liners have in common? They didn’t work! The might protect the bottom of the drawer, but they do nothing to help organize your tools or keep the tools from piling on top of each other or becoming disorganized. They also absorb liquids like oil and water; this can make them wear-out bquicker and just doesn’t look good.  These lliners probably should be replaced more often. One more thing – they are not very professional looking.

Tool Foam Drawer Liner

5S Foam PRO - Tool Drawer Foam Liner- HeaderOkay, I admit it, I should “help a brother out.” I should have given him some 5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Liners to help protect and organize his tools. Well, since that tool chest is mine now I can add the Tool Drawer Foam and customize the tool drawers the way I want them.

Tom, thanks for the great tool cabinet with decades of history. I promise to take good care of it.

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