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Lean Certification

Lean Certification

Earn Your Lean Certification
Be part of the premier lean certification program

5S Supply recommends the Lean Certification sponsored by four alliance partners:
From SME:

Individual Benefits: Why begin the Lean journey?
  • Develop career planning milestones
  • Gain a portable, career credential
  • Share and gain Lean knowledge through mentoring others
  • Align to the Lean knowledge and competency standard
  • Attain abilities recognized across the industry
  • Develop a portfolio of your experience

Company Benefits: Why have employees begin the Lean journey?
  • With an established Lean standard, companies enjoy a clear understanding of the capability of their resources.
  • Provides the opportunity for significant training and development.
  • Mentoring is a fundamental part of the Lean program, helping to mold new Lean experts
  • Standardize Lean practices within organizations, regardless of size or industry

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