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Tru-Tray System

Tru-Tray System
Tru-Tray System
Tru-Tray System
Tru-Tray System
Tru-Tray System
Tru-Tray System
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SKU: TOS-020
Another Great Option for Custom Tool Organization!

Using the Tru-Tray System you can organize tools and equipment in a way that is most efficient & effective for you. For work in the field or in the shop, tool organization, protection and accountability has never been easier. Six sizes to choose from. Add the optional Top Coat paint for a great look.

See our "One-minute, One-point Lesson" below on how Tru-tray works.

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Product Details
Tru-Tray is a unique innovation that makes plastic fabrication efficient and economical. The Tru-Tray Kit utilizes an Impression Material that is easily shaped along with non-hazardous Molding Solution. User friendly materials are combined in a simple process to create plastic that is durable yet super easy to keep clean from liquids including grease and oil.
  • 14" x 9" x 1" (1 pc)
  • 14" x 9" x 1" (2 pcs)
  • 14" x 9" x 2" (1 pc)
  • 18" x 14" x 1" (1 pc)
  • 18" x 14" x 1" (2 pcs)
  • 18" x 14" x 2" (1 pc)
Kits can be set together or trimmed to meet your specific size.
This Kit includes everything necessary to produce a durable, permanent custom molded plastic tray, including:
  • Impression material (foam)
  • Molding solution
  • Special high volume trigger sprayer
  • Paint brush
  • Drying stands
  • Tru-Tray instruction sheet
  • Optional - Top Coat vinyl polymer coating
How it Works - The Tru-Tray Process
The Tru-Tray Kit includes everything needed to make your own custom molded plastic trays to use as tool drawer organizers, storage trays, portable case inserts and more.

The process to custom fabricate your storage system begins with a tray of impression material that we offer in six different sizes. The trays are 'one size fits many' because they are easily trimmed to fit whatever application you need.

  1. The items to be stored are arranged to determine optimum lay out, and then pressed into the tray. The impression material retains the shape.
  2. Sharp edges and unwanted surface features are smoothed easily with a fingertip, dust and scrap are then cleared away with a tap or puff of air.
  3. The tray is then saturated with our molding solution, using the high volume trigger sprayer included in the kit.
  4. The tray is then set up to dry on the drying stands, also provided in the kit.
  5. The tray will be dry in 12 to 48 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.
The tray is now a durable plastic with a pale green appearance. The tray can be painted with the optional Top Coat vinyl polymer coating or any coating suitable for plastic. It can also be covered with a fabric such as velvet or felt for a professional look.

Please Note: This product can only be shipped UPS Ground. No overnight or overseas shipments available.

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"Not quite "

J O'Donnell on 4/7/2015 8:01:37 AM


Review: We bought this product to make tool trays for work. Process was simple yet when dry trays do not from a hard plastic not is it "tough as nails" as described. We tried more than once varying the saturation with little difference. Unfortunately the finished product is not durable for what we needed.

"Tru-Tray Gun Presentation Case"

Stephen Spampani on 1/27/2015 4:08:04 AM


Review: I bought the Tru-Tray system for a gun presentation case. The results were amazing. Watch the video they made and don't rush it and the results will be really nice. The foam is fragile at the beginning, do a mock up of your layout on paper ahead of time. Truly amazing product

"MFG. Tech"

Richard Gilley on 10/1/2013 7:32:17 AM


Review: The Tru-Tray product worked great. Easy to mold and provided a usable tray for use in toolboxes. The only problem I experienced was clogging sprayer. First couple of sprayers never clogged, but the last order I recieved seemed to clog quickly. I had to just grab a new sprayer and go as far as possible then it would clog and had to switch again. From 5S Supply - Thanks for the feedback Richard!. The RECAP and TIPS sheet that comes with the kit says: "The high volume trigger sprayer provided... More details


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