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Free Information

At 5S Supply we strive to provide you with items to enhance your Lean knowledge and programs. Here is a assortment of free information that you might find helpful.

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Free Lean Training Exercises

The 5S Numbers Game
5S Numbers GameThe 5S Numbers Game is a fun and exciting way to show people the power of 5S. This FREE PowerPoint download includes facilitator notes and the forms needed for the class.
Lean Lingo Bingo!
5S Numbers GameHave fun with our Lean Lingo Bingo! This FREE PDF contains enough to make 28 different Lean Lingo Bingo Cards. Print, cut and play. Use during meetings, training, kaizen events and more...


Other Free Stuff 

5S focus Newsletter Archives - Look up previous articles by date and theme.
What is 5S? - This concise article explains 5S and each of the S's - Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.
5S and Your Garage - This short article explains 5S by likening it to cleaning out your garage. This is a great short article to help present the 5S concepts to your team.

5S Newsletter Templates

Use these Microsoft Word templates to start your own internal 5S newsletter. As part of your 5S "Sustain" efforts having a vibrant and timely newsletter will keep your employees informed and excited about what's going on with your 5S program! Two styles to choose from.
5S focus Newsletter Template

5S Success Newsletter Template

5S Audit Sheet

Here is a generic 5S Audit Sheet that you can customize to fit your own needs. It is based on a 100 point scale, has five levels and a scoring section for each of the 5S's.
5S Audit Sheet
Click here>> 5S Audit Sheet


Force Field Analysis Form

Do you have issues with Lean or getting employees involved? Try using this tool to identify the forces and factors in place that support or work against the solution of an issue or problem (like 5S or Lean) so that the positives can be reinforced and/or the negatives can be eliminated or reduced.
Force Field Analysis Form
Click here>> Force Field Analysis Form example


Project Closeout Form

Here is an example of a project closeout form that you can use to let your team evaluate the project based on the vision, plan, implementation and close. Modify it to fit your needs.
Project Closeout Form Example
Click here>> Project Closeout example

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