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About 5S Supply

5S Supply was born from the idea that there had to be an easier way to gather the necessary supplies for a successful 5S event and program in a timely fashion, with no hassle.
This was readily apparent several years ago when one of our founders was frustrated trying to find items needed for 5S Kaizen Events. As an expert in Lean he thought that there should be a one-stop shop for Lean items. Many Kaizen Events are slowed down because items have to be hunted down, researched, selected, paid for, delivered or picked-up; often from many different suppliers and sources. At 5S Supply we’ve done the hard work for you. Instead of looking through several catalogs or performing tireless searches on the internet, our Lean experts have packaged items together to make it easy and convenient to order and get the things you need for your Kaizen Event quickly!

We  pride ourselves on exceptional customer service combined with the correct product mix, and delivering products to customers in a sensible manner.5S Supply Building

We believe in:

  • High value for our customers
  • Ability to deliver for our customers quickly
  • Continually improving our product offering and services
  • Professionalism and integrity

We appreciate you visiting 5S Supply and we hope we can help your organization become Lean and world class by implementing a sustainable, high performance Lean system. Stop by often for new information and products that will make your Lean journey a success!

Call us for more information at: 1.888.4 LEAN 5S

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