Kanban Board Starter Kit

Need a quick and easy way to setup a professional looking kanban board system? This is your answer. The kanban board starter kits come in three sizes (200, 300 or 400) kanbans. Mobile or wall-mount, your choice. Check them out.

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Kanban Board Starter Kit

Kanban” translation from Japanese means a sign or signboard. In practical terms, a Kanban Board is an information system that controls production or tasks. There are three main types of kanban:

  • Make or production
  • Move or withdrawal
  • Supplier or batching

These Kanban Board Starter Kits are a perfect way to get your Pull System up and running or improve your current system. The kits include everything you need including: Info Boards, SystemBoxes, SystemBox Labels, Kanban Card Sleeves, Info Labels, Kanban Card Collection Box, Wall-mount or Mobile with castors.

Select Kanban style and size from the charts below (click to emlarge)
Kanban Board Starter Kit - Mobile Chart

Kanban Board Starter Kit - Wall-mount Chart

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How to use a Kanban System

  1. When the bin is pulled for use, the kanban card is removed and placed on the board
  2. When the kanban card reaches yellow, the item is placed in production for replenishment
  3. When the bin is refilled, the kanban card is placed back on the bin and it is ready for use

There are many types of Kanbans systems for replenishment, consider the following when setting one up: the application, area, need, quantity, size, users, and more…

To make the kanban system effective and efficient make sure the team considers: creativity, simplicity, visual, easy to implement, easy to maintain, easy to follow & enforce.

Having a Pull Systemm with Kanban will allow for Just-in-Time operations, reduced costs, reduced waste and higher productivity. A kanban board also makes it easier to schedule work or tasks and makes it visual for everyone to see.

Six Rules for Kanban:

  1. You cannot send bad product to the next operation
  2. Only withdraw what is needed
  3. Only produce what is used
  4. Smooth out the workload
  5. Standardize
  6. Keep improving

Manufacturer Part No.
Wall Mount:

Shipping Weight
M: 111 lbs.
L: 155 lbs.
XL 188 lbs.

For more information on Kanban, check out Wikipedia Kanban


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