5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes


Use 5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes to Improve Productivity and Safety

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When we say we want to make your work easier, better and safer – we mean it. Our 5Ssymbol Floor Marking Shapes are a perfect example of this philosophy.

5Ssymbols are the most durable and effective floor marking system for manufacturing, warehouses, assembly areas, hospitals and more. With these floor marking shapes you can ensure that your facility is clean, neat and efficient using 5S and visual controls.

Mark off where the pallets or next job goes. Control your Standard Stock. Create the perfect home for your Work-in-Process (WIP). Make sure there is a spot for incoming materials. Make it easy for the UPS driver to know where your items are to pick-up. Stop wasting the forklift driver’s time by searching. All this with 5Ssymbols Floor Marking System.

  • 7” Corners – 4 per pack
  • 6” Corners – 4 per pack
  • T’s – 2 per pack
  • Dots – 10 per pack
  • Footprints sold in pairs
  • All other symbols sold individually
5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes - 7-inch Corners - 5SFS-7X7
5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes - Ts - 5SFS-T11X7
5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes - Xs
5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes - Ovals
5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes - Dots
5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes - 6-inch Corners
5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes - Foot Prints

5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes

Don’t underestimate the power of 5Ssymbols Floor Marking Shapes in your workplace. Whether it is to improve efficiency, reduce time wasted searching, or improving safety – using floor marking symbols and shapes has a huge payoff.


  • Corners or “L” shapes to mark off machines, workbenches, pallets and more
  • Combine the corners with “T’s” to make two or more areas
  • Add an “X” to make the area in four squares or more
  • Ovals are perfect to use for labeling of the area
  • Dots can show temporary areas or a dotted line
  • Use the Arrows to point to the right direction
  • The Foot Prints are perfect to show where it is safe to walk or the correct direction to go

Product Details


  • 16 mils thick
  • 100% virgin wear-resistant industrial grade calendared PVC
  • Resistant to many industrial hazards, such as water, oils and greases, chemicals, UV rays, and temperature changes
  • Surface Shape: Flat
  • Surface Finish: Smooth gloss finish for extra durability and ease of cleaning


  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White


Simple and easy peel-&-stick installation. No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up to limit productivity.

Adhesive Info

  • Aggressive double-sided adhesive
  • Adhesive Type Synthetic Rubber
  • Adhesive Tape Material Cloth
  • Adhesive Tape Color White
  • Adhesive Tape Thickness 0.28 mm
  • Liner Material Off-white paper
  • Liner Thickness 0.08 mm
  • Peel Strength 14 N/25 mm
  • Tensile Strength 80 N/25 mm
  • Application Temperature 40F to 90F
  • Service Temperature 0F to 130F


Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 15 x 13 x 1 in
Floor Symbol Shape

7" Corners 4-pack, T's 2-pack, X's, Ovals, Dots 10-pack, 6" Corners 4-pack, Arrows, Foot Prints 1-pair


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White


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