5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Foam Organizers


Tool Drawer Foam Organizers – 5S Foam PRO

This is the tool drawer foam organizer for the professional.

5S Foam PRO is the best way to keep your tools organized and protected.

Customize your tool box with our easy to cut, yet durable tool drawer foam liners, that allow you to tailor the layout of your tool drawer. The kit includes tracing sheets to help arrange your tools and make professional cuts. By using 5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Foam Organizers you are promoting good habits and accountability for proper tool care and asset management.

5 sizes and 4 color combinations to choose from.

One DIY Kit includes: 1/2″ thick foam, 1/4″ thick foam, tracing sheets (pressure sensitive labels) and our “How to” Guide.

Choose your size and color below.

5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Organizer - Black-Red Swatch
5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Organizer - Black-Yellow Swatch
5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Organizer - Blue-Red Swatch
5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Organizer - Blue-Yellow Swatch

Tool Drawer Foam Organizers – 5S Foam PRO

Know in an instant if something is missing or not in the right place with these tool drawer foam organizers with contrasting colors. Don’t waste time looking for tools. Our study showed that employees spend 15 minutes or more a day searching for tools. Fifteen minutes a day per employee really adds up. Eliminate this waste of searching time and make it easy to have what you need, where you need it. 5S Foam PRO tool drawer foam organizers protect your tools. Choose from four color schemes: Black-Red, Black-Yellow, Blue-Red or Blue-Yellow and five of the most common sizes.

Check out this fun video on 5S Foam PRO Tool Drawer Organizers! Go from a mess to a PRO. (00:29)

Organize Your Tools with 5S Foam™ PRO from 5S Supply on Vimeo.

5S Foam PRO is made from 4 lb. density cross-linked polyethylene foam. This professional foam is geared to last 4-8 years or more with proper care; this is much longer than the other cheaper foams out there. Our tool box foam inserts are resistant to most liquids like water and oil. It fits the bill for most FOD (Foreign Object Damage) or FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) programs.

How to Create Your Customized Tool Drawer Foam Organizers Solution

  1. Apply the adhesive tracing sheet to the piece of foam you want to cut (usually the 1/2″ thick piece)
  2. Layout and trace the outlines of your tools on the adhesive tracing sheet
  3. Cut the foam (a hobby knife works fine, but a roto-zip drill is awesome!)
  4. Peel out the unneeded foam
  5. Peel away the adhesive from the bottom of the foam and stick to the contrasting color

No worries, we supply a great “One-point” Lesson to show you how. We’ll have a video soon.

We carry many of the most popular sizes including: Craftsman, Snap-on, Kennedy, Stor-Loc, Husky, Waterloo and others. Measure the inside of your drawer to see which 5S Foam works best for you.

Size Examples

  • 10-5/8″ x 22-1/4″ Craftsman, Waterloo, Husky
  • 16-5/8″ x 22-1/4″ Craftsman, Waterloo, Husky
  • 18-1⁄2″ x 30″ Kennedy
  • 24-1/4″ x 28″ Stor-Loc
  • 26-1/4″ x 39″ Snap-on

The DIY Kit includes

  • ½” thick foam with pressure sensitive adhesive, and ¼” contrasting color foam
  • Tracing sheet labels
  • “How to” guide
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Foam Size

10-5/8" x 22-1/4" x 3/4", 16-5/8" x 22-1/4" x 3/4", 18-1⁄2" x 30" x 3/4", 24-1/2" x 28" x 3/4", 26-1/4" x 39" x 3/4"

Color Combinations

Black-Red, Black-Yellow, Blue-Red, Blue-Yellow


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