5S Floor Marking Symbol Footprints


Need an easy way to show where it is safe to walk? Try our 5S Floor Marking Symbol Footprints.

If you have a production area or warehouse and you want to show where it is safe for pedestrians to walk, use these precut 5S Floor Marking Symbol Footprints. This is a simple, visual clue that shows where to safely walk in a facility. 4″ wide x 12″ long. 3-pairs (3 left foot and 3 right foot) to a set. 11 colors to choose from.


Why use 5S Floor Marking Symbol Footprints?

There are two good reasons to use 5S Floor Marking Symbol Footprints: safety and direction.

Footprint Safety

While visiting a busy 400,000 square foot warehouse it was apparent that there could be safety issues with the forklifts flying around picking up and delivering product. It just felt unsafe. The safety team placed yellow footprints to show where people should walk. This was also an indicator for the forklift drivers of where not to drive.

Footprint Direction

In a medical office building, it was confusing for new patients to know where to go. A 5S team suggested that they use different color-coded footprints to show the direction and the path to get to certain departments and offices. The first place they used it was for pediatrics. The footprints started from the elevator to the office. The fun part was that children thought is was a game and would step on the footprints to walk to the door. This made it fun for the kids to see the doctor. The added benefit is was higher patient satisfaction because they could find the right department on their own. The staff also liked it because they didn’t get stopped as often to be asked for directions.

Bonus for the TSA: these footprints are perfect for TSA use in airports. They can show the direction of where to walk or stand. Combine with 5S Floor Marking – Arrows to complete the visual effect and direct travelers.

5S Floor Marking Symbol Footprints are a simple, low cost solution to help with safety, customer satisfaction and productivity.

What makes our 5S Floor Marking Symbol Footprints Different?

We provide 3-pairs of footprints per pack (3 left and 3 right). Our footprints actually have the shape like a shoe (not a bowling pin). The 4-inch wide by 12-inch long, brightly colored vinyl (11 colors to choose from) is sure to catch everyone’s attention. We also supply a “One-point Lesson” on how to install these safety footprints. These footprints are made with a 4-year outdoor grade vinyl that are sure to last a long time with normal use.


  • Includes: 3-pair of foot prints (3 left, 3 right)
  • 11 colors to choose from: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, Grey and White
  • 3 mil polymeric-blend glossy opaque calendared vinyl film
  • Long lasting: 4-year exterior durability
  • Sunlight fade resistant
  • Clear permanent adhesive

Application Instructions:

  1. Thoroughly clean the floor surface.
  2. Determine where the foot prints should go. TIP! Use a natural walking distance between decals (not too close together, not too far apart).
  3. Peel the 5S Floor Marking Symbol – Footprints, one at a time form the wax backing paper and place on floor, Smooth out any air bubbles. Repeat until complete.

5S Floor Marking Symbols

Combine with other 5S Floor Marking Symbols to make the visual work place even better.

  • Use 5S Floor Marking Symbol Arrows to show direction (in, out)
  • Mark the 5S Floor Marking Symbol Footprints decal to show if steel toe shoes are required
  • Add floor signage or labels like “Emergency Exit”
Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 x 9 x .25 in

Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black, White


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