5S Floor Marking Symbol Arrows


Need a little direction in your workplace? Then these 5S Floor Marking Symbol Arrows are a great solution. These brightly colored arrows show the proper direction for flow and movement for people or production!

These arrows are easy to apply – peel and stick. The are 2” wide x 9” long. 10 to a pack. 11 colors to choose from.


The 5S Floor Marking Symbol Arrows are very versatile

These 5S Floor Marking Symbol Arrows are perfect to show where things belong, the direction for flow and to help visually point out important information, plus they are not just for floors! These arrows have many uses and are a great size that is visually appealing and easy to see.

Here are some great ways to use the 5S Floor Marking Symbol Arrows

  • Show the proper direction for ingress or egress, especially around doors or high traffic areas
  • Make visual the maximum or minimum height or quantity; use as a visual Order Point for your Kanban Pull System. This can help with safety issues or protect product by making sure items are not stacked too high.
  • Point-out safety equipment like fire extinguishers or eyewash stations
  • Indicate maintenance points on pieces of machinery or equipment as part of your Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) system.

These floor marking decals can be combined with other 5S Floor Marking Symbols for added customization.

Use 5S Floor Marking Symbols on:

Workbenches, shelves, office areas, common areas, cantina, lunchroom, breakroom, cabinets, drawers, training rooms, meeting rooms, “no-man’s land”, storerooms, warehouses, production areas, hospitals, multipurpose rooms and more


  • Ten (10) 5S Floor Marking Arrows per Pack
  • 2” wide x 9” long
  • 11 colors to choose from: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, Grey and White
  • 3 mil polymeric-blend glossy opaque calendared vinyl film
  • Long lasting: 4-year exterior durability
  • Sunlight fade resistant
  • Clear permanent adhesive

Application Instructions:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface.
  2. Determine where the arrows should go.
  3. Peel the 5S Floor Marking Symbol Arrows from the wax backing paper, place on surface and smooth out any air bubbles.
Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 x 9 x .25 in

Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black, White


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