Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: The three functions of a people-centered leader

Katie will provide you with examples from new bestselling book “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn” – the result of years of conversations between her and Isao Yoshino, a 40-year Toyota leader and John Shook’s first manager at Toyota – and both of their practices as leaders, coaches, and learners.

Tales from the Trenches: How to Truly Engage Remote Employees in Team-based Continuous Improvement Events

Originally held September 24, 2020 Recorded version below Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, those of us in continuous improvement roles have had to rethink how to carry on our journey of continuous improvement. In the past, team collaboration in the same physical space has proven to be a highly effective way to engage employees, […]

Clean Practice for Reducing COVID-19 Transmission Vectors

Originally held August 7, 2020 Recorded version below This webinar walks participants through the basics of implementing Clean Practice™, which uses Lean techniques but instead of addressing inefficiencies, it teaches a participatory system for identifying and reducing COVID-19 transmission vectors. Successful implementations result in significant improvements to team member safety and morale. You will learn […]

How to Deal With Lean During Uncertain Times

Video Replay This webinar was originally held on Monday, August 17, 2020. Many people’s understanding of “lean” has been limited to its use in optimizing the efficiency of existing manufacturing processes. With this narrow definition, it is hard to see how lean is relevant when so many lives have been completely upended by the global […]

Social Distancing Temperature Check Station

New Item from 5S Supply To help keep people safe, some essential businesses have added temperature checks into their daily routine before people enter buildings, work areas, etc. As part of our floor marking Social Distancing efforts we have created another 5S Supply Exclusive – Temperature Check Station . This Social Distancing Temperature Check Station floor marking kit […]

Effective Social Distancing Floor Marking Strategies

Social Distancing Examples

How to effectively deploy physical distancing floor marking to keep everyone safe This guide provides five quick tips to successfully implement social distancing in your workplace for essential workers, customers, patients, and others. 1.      Know your audience Who are the people who would need to see these floor markings to stay safe? What messages are […]

Tool Boards 101

5S Supply Tool Board Systems

Five Tips for Selecting the Right Tool Board You might ask yourself “What’s there to know about tool boards?” Having a tool board that is useful is key to having the right place to hang, store and protect your tools. We cover five tips for choosing the proper tool board. Before we start, determine if […]

The fine line of effective 5S in lean manufacturing

The fine line of effective 5s in lean manufacturing blog image. Close up image of a piece of machinery.

Management should be neither insufficient nor excessive in a fabrication shop From The Fabricator magazine Why do shops work through the first four S’s but then fail on the fifth? Why can’t 5S be sustained? To uncover one perspective, The FABRICATOR spoke with Tony Manos, founder of 5S Supply, Flossmoor, Ill., whose business focuses on the 5S process, […]

Top 5 Reasons to Attend AME Chicago 2019

AME Conference Chicago 2019

The passionate volunteers have been hard at work planning AME Chicago 2019 and have put together an amazing schedule of continuous improvement learning activities. With this in mind, here are the Top 5 Reasons to Attend AME Chicago 2019: Networking. AME Chicago 2019 is the world’s largest lean conference. You’ll meet others who are passionate […]

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